Dancing in Music Video, and Live Show on June 18!

Luka Kuplowsky & The Ryōkan Band released their new album How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music. I am dancing in one of the song's videos & I will be dancing live to four of the songs at the show.

Note: The concert starts at 7pm, but Luka's band will be on from 9pm.

Noriko Yamamoto


cats    cello    skywatching    crescent moons
Charlie Chaplin    Jean-Louis Barrault
Alberto Giacometti    Isamu Noguchi

After a long successful performance career in Tokyo, Noriko Yamamoto moved to Toronto in 1994 to be with her husband. She initially came with two suitcases, her son, cat, and rice cooker. (the gallery is named after this special cat)

She has continued this career in Toronto with hundreds of performances at venues ranging from schools and libraries to festivals, galleries, and theatres.

Noriko’s visual art life has been greatly influenced by her performance career as a dancer, mime, clown, Silent Storyteller, and choreographer in both Japan and Canada. A great part of her visual art expresses movement, often shown through nature or the human figure. She subtly uses lines, layers, shadows, and colour to create texture-rich sculptures and mixed-media works. She strives to evoke motion and emotion in stillness.

In 2019 at the Promise of Sekishu Washi exhibition at Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto, her piece, Sora, received an Honourable Mention from the judges and won the Audience Choice Award. It was at this point that she joined the collective, Washi Sisters, and since then, has been enjoying the challenge of using traditional Japanese handmade paper in her artworks.


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